Interview with Adrián Campos, CEO of Campos Racing


The former Formula 1 driver, who claimed the Spanish Touring Car Championship title in 1994, and founder of Campos Racing analyses the present and the future of his team and the series

Finally Campos Racing took the Euroformula Open title in 2016, how do you describe this period of time following your comeback to the series?

We made our comeback to the Euroformula Open after a hiatus when we tried to move into the Formula One. Having established our partners weren’t adequate, in my opinion, for that Formula 1 project, I decided to start from the roots once again. In this context, the Euroformula Open was the right choice. We won the series back in 2009 and made steady progress after our comeback. We finished fourth, third and second respectively and finally claimed the title last year. We returned to winning form in the Euroformula Open. Today, in addition to the EF Open, we are involved in series such as the Formula 2, the GP3 Series, the World Touring Car Championship and the Formula E. But we took our first steps in the Euroformula Open.

Tell us about the Euroformula Open. Give us your opinion on the series with regard to its strengths.

The series features top-tier racing circuits, they all hosting the Formula One championship, which is excellent considering it’s a cost-effective series. In my opinion, it’s the right platform for young drivers. The Formula 3 is a real racing car and the entries came from high-profile teams. So, the Euroformula Open is a professional environment to learn basics of motorsports.

Campos Racing is working with four new drivers in 2017. Tell us more about them.

Everyone has his own level and they all improve throughout the season. The main question is to know if they are able to shine in his maiden season or they need to complete a second year in the series. Our target is give them all the tools necessary for success, helping them in their learning process. But everything depends on their level. Our goal is to help them in their way into professionalism.

How is season’s summer break for Campos Racing? How are you working these days?

We all need a rest time. But when we return to action, obviously there is track time but the simulator plays the crucial role. We flag a work plan at the beginning of the season and drivers, engineers and mechanics follow it to the letter.

Tell us your targets in the remaining races at Silverstone, Monza, Jerez and Barcelona.

We aspire to the highest every weekend. Everyone gives his best and in the lights of the circumstances they achieve better results or not. We know Harrison Scott, just like Leonardo Pulcini in 206, is extremely strong. But we need to keep working and improving in order to win as many races as possible.